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Dear friends,

For twenty years, we have been The Church of Yahweh, a document-rich website found through search engines. And in all that time, all the knowledge and wisdom that has touched thousands upon thousands of lives has been absolutely free.

We'd like to keep it that way!

For our twentieth anniversary, we have become The Calling, an interactive website with podcasts, video lessons, original music...and documents, of course!

And so much more!

Our relationship with you is sacred, and that is why we're doing our best to keep our

information free...But "lights, camera, action!" is much more costly

than a document-only website.

With a multimedia approach, The Calling has unlimited potential to touch people around the world with our message of healing and fulfillment.


Our modest fundraising goal is $50,000 will keep us going for one year.

We know YOU will want to help others freely receive the

vital, life-changing message of The Calling.

Please visit our Contribution Page to see the truly one-of-a-kind gifts

we are offering as our thanks to you. God bless you!

Week of 10/12/15


This week on The Calling we go from The Garden to Abram in our continuing look at Genesis.

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October Book of the Month

In the Garden

A controversial look at man's fall from grace through his redemption on the cross.

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